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Bataan Province of the Philippines, on the peninsula of Luzon Island. It extends s from the w central coast, shielding Manila Bay from the South China Sea. The capital is Balangos. It is densely forested on the w side and the population is concentrated in the e. There was heavy fighting here during World War II. Products include rice and sugar cane. Fishing is also important. Area: 1,373sq km (530sq mi). Pop. (2000 est.) 557,659. 467,078.


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Bataan ★★½ 1943

A rugged wartime combat drama following the true story of a small platoon in the Philippines endeavoring to blow up a pivotal Japanese bridge. Also available in a colorized version. 115m/B VHS, DVD . Robert Taylor, George Murphy, Thomas Mitchell, Desi Arnaz Sr., Lee Bowman, Lloyd Nolan, Robert Walker, Barry Nelson, Phillip Terry, Tom Dugan, Roque Espiritu, Kenneth Spencer, Alex Havier, Donald Curtis, Lynne Carver, Bud Geary, Dorothy Morris; D: Tay Garnett; W: Robert D. (Robert Hardy) Andrews; C: Sidney Wagner; M: Bronislau Kaper, Eric Zeisl.