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so·lo / ˈsōlō/ • n. (pl. -los) 1. a thing done by one person unaccompanied, in particular: ∎  (pl. so·los or so·li / ˈsōlē/ ) a piece of vocal or instrumental music or a dance, or a part or passage in one, for one performer. ∎  an unaccompanied flight by a pilot in an aircraft. 2. a card game in which one player plays against the others in an attempt to win a specified number of tricks. • adj. & adv. for or done by one person alone; unaccompanied: [as adj.] a solo album | [as adv.] she'd spent most of her life flying solo. • v. (so·loes, so·loed) [intr.] perform something unaccompanied, in particular: ∎  perform an unaccompanied piece of music or a part or passage in one. ∎  fly an aircraft unaccompanied. ∎  undertake solo climbing.

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soloaloe, callow, fallow, hallow, mallow, marshmallow, sallow, shallow, tallow •Pablo, tableau •cashflow • Anglo • matelot •Carlo, Harlow, Marlowe •Bargello, bellow, bordello, cello, Donatello, fellow, jello, martello, mellow, morello, niello, Novello, Pirandello, Portobello, Punchinello, Uccello, violoncello, yellow •pueblo • bedfellow • playfellow •Oddfellow • Longfellow •schoolfellow • Robin Goodfellow •airflow • halo • Day-Glo •filo, kilo •armadillo, billow, cigarillo, Murillo, Negrillo, peccadillo, pillow, tamarillo, Utrillo, willow •inflow • Wicklow • furbelow • Angelo •pomelo • uniflow •kyloe, lilo, milo, silo •Apollo, follow, hollow, Rollo, swallow, wallow •Oslo • São Paulo • outflow •bolo, criollo, polo, solo, tombolo •rouleau • regulo • modulo • mudflow •diabolo • bibelot • pedalo • underflow •buffalo •brigalow, gigolo •bungalow •Michelangelo, tangelo •piccolo • tremolo • alpenglow • tupelo •contraflow • afterglow • overflow •furlough • workflow

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solo (It.). Alone. A vocal or instr. piece or passage perf. by one performer, i.e. a solo song is for one singer, with or without acc. The solo instr. in a conc. might also be acc. by a solo passage for one of the orch. players. The word soloistic is sometimes used to denote a composer's use of the individual qualities of an instr., but its use is to be regretted.

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solo (mus.) part to be sung or played by one performer alone. XVII. — It. solo :- L. sōlus SOLE2.
Hence soloist XIX.

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