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gob1 / gäb/ inf. • n. 1. a lump or clot of a slimy or viscous substance: a gob of phlegm. ∎  a small lump. 2. (gobs of) a lot of: he wants to make gobs of money selling cassettes. gob2 • n. inf., dated an American sailor. gob3 • n. inf., chiefly Brit. a person's mouth: Jean told him to shut his big gob.

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gob lump. XIV. — OF. go(u)be mouthful, lump (mod. gobbe food-ball, pill), f. gober swallow, gulp, perh, of Celt. orig. (cf. Gael. gob beak, bill, Ir. gob bill, mouth, whence prob. Sc. and north. Eng. gob mouth XVI).

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gobblob, bob, cob, dob, fob, glob, gob, hob, job, knob, lob, mob, nob, rob, slob, snob, sob, squab, stob, swab, throb, yob •nabob • skibob • thingamabob •corncob • hobnob • doorknob •heartthrob

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a large sum of money; a small quantityJohnson, 1755.

Examples: gob of gold, 1566; of mercy, 1542; of money, 1542.

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