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Gaelail, ale, assail, avail, bail, bale, bewail, brail, Braille, chain mail, countervail, curtail, dale, downscale, drail, dwale, entail, exhale, fail, faille, flail, frail, Gael, Gail, gale, Grail, grisaille, hail, hale, impale, jail, kale, mail, male, nail, nonpareil, outsail, pail, pale, quail, rail, sail, sale, sangrail, scale, shale, snail, stale, swale, tail, tale, they'll, trail, upscale, vail, vale, veil, wail, wale, whale, Yale •Passchendaele • Airedale •Wensleydale • Clydesdale •Chippendale • Coverdale • Abigail •galingale • martingale • nightingale •farthingale • Windscale • timescale •blackmail • airmail •email, female •Ishmael • voicemail • vermeil

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Gael / gāl/ • n. a Gaelic-speaking person. ∎  a person whose ancestors spoke Gaelic. DERIVATIVES: Gael·dom / -dəm/ n.

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Gael Celtic native of the Scottish Highlands. XIX. — Sc. Gaelic Gaidheal, corr. to Ir. Goídel.
Hence Gaelic XVIII.

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