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del·uge / ˈdel(y)oōj/ • n. a severe flood. ∎  (the Deluge) the biblical Flood (recorded in Genesis 6–8). ∎  a heavy fall of rain. ∎ fig. a great quantity of something arriving at the same time: a deluge of complaints. • v. [tr.] (usu. be deluged) inundate with a great quantity of something: he has been deluged with offers of work. ∎  flood.

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Deluge ★★ 1933

Tidal waves causd by earthquakes have destroyed most of New York (though some may think this is no great loss) in this early sci-fi pic. 72m/B VHS . Edward Van Sloan, Peggy Shannon, Sidney Blackmer, Fred Kohler Sr., Matt Moore, Samuel S. Hinds, Lane Chandler; D: Felix Feist.

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deluge sb. XIV. — (O)F. déluge, alt. of earlier diluvie — L. dīluvium, rel. to lavere, lavāre wash.
Hence deluge vb. XVII.