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jot / jät/ • v. (jot·ted , jot·ting ) [tr.] write (something) quickly: when you've found the answers, jot them down. • n. a very small amount: you didn't care a jot I have yet to see one jot of evidence. ORIGIN: late 15th cent. (as a noun): via Latin from Greek iōta, the smallest letter of the Greek alphabet (see iota).

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jotallot, begot, Bernadotte, blot, bot, capot, clot, cocotte, cot, culotte, dot, forgot, garrotte (US garrote), gavotte, got, grot, hot, jot, knot, lot, Mayotte, motte, not, Ott, outshot, plot, pot, rot, sans-culotte, Scot, Scott, shallot, shot, slot, snot, sot, spot, squat, stot, swat, swot, tot, trot, twat, undershot, Wat, Watt, what, wot, yacht •robot • hotshot • peridot • microdot •Wyandot • polka dot • fylfot • mascot •Caldecott • carrycot • apricot •boycott • dovecote • sandlot • melilot •polyglot • Camelot • ocelot •monoglot • sub-plot • Lancelot •cachalot • counterplot • Wilmot •guillemot • motmot • bergamot

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jot a very small amount; via Latin, from Greek iōta, the smallest letter of the Greek alphabet.
not one jot or tittle not the smallest amount; after Matthew 5:18; tittle here comes from the medieval Latin for ‘small stroke, accent’ (see tittle).

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jot least part or point. XVI. Formerly also io(a)te — L. iōta — Gr. iôta IOTA.
Hence (presumably) jot vb. set down in the briefest form. XVIII.

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the least amount, as in jot or tittle, 1526.

Examples: jot of blood, 1596.

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JOT joint observer team

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