Johannes Georg Bednorz

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Ridinger, or Riedinger, Georg (1568–c.1628). German Renaissance architect. His greatest work was Schloss Johannisburg, Aschaffenburg (1605–14—for Johann Schweikart von Kronberg, Archbishop/Elector of Mainz (reigned 1604–26) ), built round a central courtyard with four massive towers at the corners, an arrangement possibly prompted by Du Cerceau's publications. The gables were decorated with Mannerist devices reminiscent of aspects of Dietterlin's works. This showpiece of Renaissance architecture was influential throughout Germany for the next century.


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Johannes Georg Bednorz (yōhän´əs gāôrkh´ bĕd´nôrts), 1950–, German physicist. After earning his doctorate from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, he began (1982) work at the IBM Zürich Research Laboratory with Karl Alex Müller. In 1983 they discovered superconductivity in a ceramic fragment at temperatures much higher than had been previously thought possible. Their discovery made possible applications in power lines, generators, and computers. In 1987, Bednorz and Müller were awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics.

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