Johannes Cornubiensis

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Theologian; b. Cornwall, between 1125 and 1130; d. 1199 or 1200. He was a student of thierry of chartres in the arts before 1155 and of peter lombard, maurice of sully, and robert of melun (hereford) in theology before 1160. He returned to England by 1173 and taught theology, probably at Oxford. About 1155 he translated from the Welsh and commented upon the Prophetia Merlini, or Book of the Seven Kings [C. Greith, Spicilegium Vaticanum, (Frauenfeld 1838) 82106]. From 1177 to 1179 he wrote an important Christological treatise [Patrologia Latina, ed. J. P. Migne, 217 v., indexes 4 v. (Paris 187890) 199:104386; "The Eulogium ad Alexandrum papam tertium of John of Cornwall, " Mediaeval Studies 13 (1951) 253300]. Unauthentic are another Christological treatise [Patrologia Latina, 177:295316; "The So-Called Apologia de Verbo incarnato, " Franciscan Studies (1956) 102143; 17 (1957) 85], the De canone mystici libaminis [Patrologia Latina, 177:455470], an Argumentum et quaestio [extracts in E. Rathbone, "John of Cornwall, a Brief Biography, " Recherches de théologie ancienne et médiévale, 17 (1950) 4060], and an unprinted Abbreviatio Sententiarum Petri Lombardi.

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Johannes Cornubiensis

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