Erasmus, St

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Erasmus, St 4th-century bishop of Formiae and martyr, also known as St Elmo; he is one of the Fourteen Holy Helpers. His emblem is a windlass; the iconography was later misunderstood, and it was thought to be an instrument of torture with which his intestines were wound out of him. His feast day is 2 June.

Elmo, St

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Elmo, St another name for St Erasmus (d. c.300).
St Elmo's fire a phenomenon in which a luminous electrical discharge appears on a ship or aircraft during a storm, regarded as a sign of protection given by St Elmo.

Elmo, St

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Elmo, St. The customary name for St Peter González (c.1190–1246), the patron saint of seamen. His ‘fire’ (i.e. electrical discharge on masts of ships) was taken as a sign of his protection. Feast day, 14 Apr.

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