Andrew, St

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Andrew, St. One of the twelve apostles of Jesus. He was the brother of Peter, and is mentioned by name in several stories in the gospels (e.g. John 6. 8). According to the Acts of Andrew, a 3rd-cent. work now partly lost, he was crucified in Patras in Greece. The tradition that his cross was X-shaped goes back no further than the 10th cent. He is patron saint of Russia and of Scotland. Feast day, 30 Nov.

Andrew, St

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Andrew, St (d. c. ad 60). Fisherman of Galilee, among the first of Jesus' disciples, and first missionary, bringing his brother Simon ( Peter) to Christ. Little is known of his life after the Crucifixion, though it is generally thought he was crucified at Patras in Achaia. Among various legends is the claim that his relics were carried to Scotland by the 4th-cent. abbot St Rule, divinely led to present-day St Andrews. There he built his church, an evangelistic centre for the area. Patron saint of Scotland, the saltire cross associated with his death represents Scotland on the Union Jack. St Andrew's day is 30 November.

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St Andrew

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St Andrew an Apostle, the brother of St Peter, and like him a fisherman. The X-shaped cross (the saltire) became associated with his name during the Middle Ages because he is said to have died by crucifixion on such a cross. St Andrew is the patron saint of Scotland (his relics were supposedly brought to Scotland by St Rule) and Russia. He is often shown in art with a fishing-net. His feast day is 30 November.

Andrew, Saint

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Andrew, Saint In the New Testament, brother of Simon Peter and one of the original 12 disciples of Jesus. According to tradition he was crucified on an x-shaped cross. He is patron saint of Scotland and Russia; his feast day is November 30.

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