Sailor Beware

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Sailor Beware ★★ 1952

Naive Melvin Jones (Lewis) is inducted into the Navy along with lothario singer Al Crowth ers (Martin). In this typical slapstick mish mash of comedy and music, Lewis causes havoc aboard a submarine and becomes the judge of the most kissable girl contest in Hawaii while Martin romances singer Calvert (playing herself). Betty Hutton has a cameo as one of Dean's gals during the recruitment scene. 108m/B DVD . Jerry Lewis, Dean Martin, Marion Marshall, Robert Strauss, Corrine Calvert, Leif Erickson, Don “The Dragon” Wilson, Vince Edwards; Cameos: Betty Hutton; D: Hal Walker; W: Martin Rackin, James Allardice; C: Daniel F. Fapp; M: Joseph J. Lilley.