Sainsbury, Maurice Joseph

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SAINSBURY, Maurice Joseph

SAINSBURY, Maurice Joseph. Australian, b. 1927. Genres: Psychiatry. Career: General Practitioner, 1953-57, Psychiatric jobs in England, 1957-62; Psychiatrist and Deputy Medical Supt., North Ryde Psychiatric Centre, N.S. W., 1962-68; Director, New South Wales Institute of Psychiatry, 1968-83; Chief Examiner in Psychiatric Medicine, New South Wales Nurse Registration Board, 1969-71; Consultant Psychiatrist (Col.), Australian Army Office, 1976-86; Sr. Specialist, Mental Health Services, New South Wales Dept. of Health, 1983-87; President, AfterCare Association of N.S.W., 1983-95; Consultant Psychiatrist, Royal Commission into Deep Sleep Therapy, N.S. W., 1988-90. President, Royal Australian and N.Z. College of Psychiatrists, 1976; Part-time member, Guardianship Tribunal of N.S.W., 1989and Mental Health Review Tribunal, 1990-. Publications: Key to Psychiatry, 1974, 3rd ed. 1980; (with L. G. Lambeth) Sainsbury's Key to Psychiatry, 1988. Address: 3 Bimbil Pl, Killara, NSW 2071, Australia.