Tomkins, Thomas

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Tomkins, Thomas (b St David's, Pembroke, 1572; d Martin Hussingtree, Worcs., 1656). Welsh composer, grandson of organist of Worcester Cath. and one of large family of musicians. Org., Worcester Cath. 1596–1646, Chapel Royal from 1621. Comp. mus. for Charles I's coronation 1625. Wrote mus. for consorts, pavans and galliards (incl. Sad Pavan for these distracted times), 95 anthems, and services, but his finest work is in his polyphonic madrigals Songs of 3, 4, 5, and 6 parts, pubd. 1622. These incl. Above the stars, Music divine, Oft did I marle, See, see, the shepherd's queen, When David heard that Absalom was slain, and When I observe. His sacred works were pubd. posthumously in Musica Deo sacra (1668).

Tomkins, Thomas

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Tomkins, Thomas (1572–1656) Welsh composer. Although employed as organist at Worcester Cathedral (1596–1646), he spent much time in London. He wrote much instrumental music, and over 100 anthems; his skill is most evident in his madrigals, particularly When David heard.

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