Mili Alekseyevich Balakirev

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Mili Alekseyevich Balakirev (me´lyĬ əlyĬksyā´yəvĬch bələkē´ryĕf), 1837–1910, Russian composer and conductor, leader of the group called the Five. He founded (1862) the Free School of Music in St. Petersburg and conducted (1867–69) the Russian Music Society and (1883–94) the Imperial Chapel Choir and Imperial Music Society. His works include the symphonic poems Tamara and Russ (or Russia); a piano fantasy, Islamey; incidental music for King Lear; and songs. His music combined romanticism with Russian and Caucasian folk songs.

See study by E. Garden (1967).

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Balakirev, Mili Alexeievich (1837–1910) Russian composer. He was one of the Russian Five dedicated to promoting Russian nationalism in 19th-century music. To this end, he incorporated Russian folk idioms into his compositional style. His best-known compositions are two symphonies, Islamey (1869) and incidental music to King Lear (1858–61). He founded the St Petersburg Free School of Music in 1862.