Milis, Ludo(vicus) J. R.

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MILIS, Ludo(vicus) J. R.

MILIS, Ludo(vicus) J. R. Belgian, b. 1940. Genres: History. Career: University of Ghent, Belgium, professor of medieval history, 1974-. Belgian Historical Institute (Rome), president, 1986-2001. Publications: (ed.) De Heidense Middeleeuwen (title means: The Pagan Middle Ages), 1991, 2nd ed., 1992, trans as The Pagan Middle Ages, 1998; Angelic Monks and Earthly Men: Monasticism and Its Meaning to Medieval Society, 1992, 2nd ed., 1999; De indiscrete charme van Jan Schuermans, pastoor van Ename, 1645- 1655 (title means: The Indiscreet Charm of Jan Schuermans, Vicar of Ename, 1645-1655), 1994; (ed. in chief) La chretiente de l'Antiquite au Moyen-Age, 1998. Address: Department of Medieval History, University of Ghent, Blandijnberg 2, B-9000 Ghent, Belgium.