Johann Schober

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Vogl, (Johann) Michael (b Ennsdorf, nr. Steyr, Austria, 1768; d Vienna, 1840). Austrian baritone. While at school sang in Singspiel by Süssmayr, a fellow-pupil. Studied law at Vienna Univ. but was persuaded to join Süssmayr's opera co. Sang at Vienna Court Opera 1795–1822. Met Schubert c.1817 through Schober and became first singer of many of his Lieder. Sang twins (who never appear on stage together) in Schubert's Singspiel, Die Zwillingsbrüder, 1820. Travelled with Schubert, 1819, to Upper Austria, and again in 1823 and 1825. First to sing Winterreise cycle, 1827. Created Pizarro in Fidelio in the 1814 revision.