Leclair, Jean-Marie

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Leclair, Jean-Marie (b Lyons, 1697; d Paris, 1764). Fr. composer and violinist, known as ‘the elder’ to distinguish him from his brother. Began career as dancer at Lyons Opera. Went to Turin as ballet-master 1722 and took up vn. Settled in Paris 1723 and played at Concert Spirituel 1728 and in opera orch. 1729–35, during which time he studied comp. Court mus. in Paris 1733–7. Wrote opera Scylla et Glaucus (Paris 1746, revived in concert perf., London 1979) and ballets, and many vn. works incl. concs., sonatas, trios. Murdered by his nephew outside his house. His brother, also Jean-Marie (b Lyons, 1703; d Lyons, 1777), was a violinist and composed vn. sonatas and choral works.

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