Jean, Raymond 1925–

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Jean, Raymond 1925–

PERSONAL: Born November 21, 1925, in Marseille, France; son of Alexandre (a customs inspector) and Judith (Polacco) Jean; married Georgette Martel, October 29, 1949; children: Rémy, Laurent, Marion, Sylvie. Education: Lycée de Marseille, Facultés des lettres d'Aix et de Paris, Ph.D.

ADDRESSES: Agent—c/o Author Mail, Actes Sud, LP 90038, Arles 13633, France.

CAREER: Professor in France, 1948, and in United States and Vietnam, 1953–58; cultural attaché, Maroc, Morocco, 1958–59; Université de Provence, Provence, France, professor, beginning 1974.

AWARDS, HONORS: Prix Goncourt de la Nouvelle, 1983, for Un fantasme de Bella B. et autres récits; Legion of Honor; Order of Merit.


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Contributor to books, including L'artiste, témoin de son temps (conference papers), Université de Provence (Aix-en-Provence, France), 1990, and Paul, Max et les autres: Paul Eluard et les surréalistes, Editions de l'Albaron (Thonon-les-Bains, Haute Savoie), 1993; author of preface, Lettres de prison, by Gabrielle Russier, Éditions du Seuil (Paris, France), 1970, translated and published as The Affair of Gabrielle Russier, Knopf (New York, NY), 1971.

ADAPTATIONS: La lectrice was adapted to film by Michel Deville, 1989.

SIDELIGHTS: French writer Raymond Jean is the author of novels, short stories, essays, and works of literary criticism. Jean was awarded the Prix Goncourt for Un fantasme de Bella B. et autres récits, which was translated and published as Bella B.'s Fantasy and Other Stories. The eight stories of this volume explore the relationships between men and women. Leslie Carper, writing in Small Press Review, stated that the stories are "magical … blending fiction, fantasy and feminism…. Jean has skillful command over his material and uses the wizardry of magical realism and the piquant wit of irony to point to inequities between men and women. That he does so with felicitous charm and surprising conclusions makes this an altogether winning collection."

The five stories found in La leçon d'écriture are all about the process of writing. Donald J. Dziekowicz reviewed the collection in World Literature Today, finding that it "abounds with examples of Jean's virtuosity…. It can be perceived as an ironic critique of postmodernist writing, our media-controlled society, and the consequences that result from our participation therein…. La leçon d'écriture is a pleasurable reading experience in which the author targets the very object he loves: writing. It is sharply satirical, cleverly intertextual, humorous, and disturbing."

Among Jean's novels is La femme attentive, the story of a woman discovered shoplifting a clock and the cruelty to which she is subjected by the store detective who catches her. L. is narrated by Laurent, a young drug addict who commits suicide. D.C. Cooper wrote in World Literature Today that L. "is deeply moving because of its sincerity and compassion, totally free from either self-pity or condemnation." La lectrice is perhaps Jean's most well-known novel. It is the story of Marie Constance, a young married woman with little to do. She becomes a reader, first for a paraplegic young man who is fascinated by her knees and legs, and ultimately for a judge who asks her to read the works of the Marquis de Sade while wearing no panties.

In Les lunettes Jean muses on his own experiences with glasses and contact lenses and how wearers of glasses are treated differently than nonwearers. He also speculates on how history might have been changed if certain people, like the murderous Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin, had worn glasses. J. Silenieks wrote in World Literature Today that "the narrative provides delightful reading and engaging insights into the contemporary scene as viewed by a bespectacled writer who alternates his comic and tragic vision with consummate skill."



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