Johann Gottfried Schnabel

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Loewe, (Johann) Karl (Gottfried) (b Löbejün, nr. Halle, 1796; d Kiel, 1869). Ger. composer, organist, conductor, and singer. Mus. dir. at Stettin 1821–66. Cond. at Düsseldorf and Mainz fests., 1837. Visited Eng. 1847. Developed ballad for v. and pf. as art-form, setting Erlkönig, Edward, Tom der Reimer, etc. His ballads, legends, Lieder, and Gesänge, over 500 in all, were pubd. in 17 vols. 1899–1903. Also wrote 6 operas; 18 oratorios; cantatas; 2 syms.; 2 pf. concs.; 4 str. qts.; pf. trio; 4 pf. sonatas, etc. Entered 6-week trance, 1864, a similar event causing his death.

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Johann Gottfried Schnabel (yō´hän gôt´frēt shnä´bəl), b. 1692, d. after 1742, German author, whose pseudonym was Gisander. He fought in the War of the Spanish Succession. Schnabel's popular novel Die Insel Felsenburg [Felsenburg island] (4 vol., 1741–43) was modeled on Robinson Crusoe but was primarily concerned with utopian ideals.