Jean Dubuffet

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Jean Dubuffet (zhäN dübüfā´), 1901–85, French painter and sculptor. Dubuffet began his artistic career in 1942. He created primitive, childlike, and humorous effects savagely opposed to established taste. For many works he prepared a thick impasto of materials such as asphalt, pebbles, and glass to enrich the surface texture of his paintings. Among his later works are numerous large, white, crudely representational sculptures with heavily outlined colored edges and facets. The Museum of Modern Art, New York City, has his Cow with the Subtile Nose and Beard of Uncertain Returns.

See studies by P. Selz (1962) and M. Loreau (tr. 1973).

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Dubuffet, Jean (1901–85) French painter and sculptor. His best-known works are assemblages of materials (such as glass, sand, rope) arranged into crude shapes, called pâtes. He collected the work of untrained artists, coining the phrase art brut.