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T. H. White: (Terence Hanbury White), 1906–64, British author, b. Bombay (now Mumbai), India. His best-known work, the tetralogy The Once and Future King (1939–58), is a dramatic and delightfully idiosyncratic retelling of the story of King Arthur and his knights. An authority on medieval life and legend, T. H. White was also the author of The Goshawk (1951), a book on falconry, and A Book of Beasts (1954), an annotated translation of a 12th-century Latin bestiary.

See biography by S. T. Warner (1968); study by J. Crane (1974).

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White, T.H. ( Terence Hanbury) (1906–64) English writer. His autobiographical England Have My Bones attracted notice in 1936, but he is best known for his Arthurian tetralogy The Once and Future King, collectively published in 1958.