Sørensen, Carl Theodor Marius

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Sørensen, Carl Theodor Marius (1893–1979). Danish landscape-architect. From 1914 to 1922 he worked with Erik Erstad-Jørgensen (1872–1945) before establishing his practice, collaborating (1924–9) with G. N. Brandt (1878–1945). He designed the park in which Aarhus University (by Fisker, Stegmann, and Møller) is built, laid out 1931–53. Other works by him include the Klampenborg Strandpark (1931–5), the Angligården, Herning, Jutland (1965–6), and the Vitus Bering Park, Horsens (1954–6). He exploited the circle in his designs, which included several amphitheatre-shaped gardens (e.g. at Roskilde (1934) ). He worked with numerous Danish architects (e.g. Rafn).


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