Rafn, Aage

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Rafn, Aage (1890–1953). Danish architect. One of the most accomplished of C20 Neo-Classicists, he designed the circular courtyard of Kampmann's Police Headquarters, Copenhagen (1919–24), and, with Hans Jørgen Kampmann (1889–1966), Christian Kampmann (1890–1955), Holger Jacobsen, and Anton Frederiksen (1884–1967), completed the great work. He was responsible for other Neo-Classical buildings in Denmark (e.g. 22 Gl. Vartovvej, Copenhagen (1919–20)—in a very simplified style). His unrealized but ravishing design for a crematorium (1921) won him the Gold Medal of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts. He was Principal of the School of Arts and Crafts in Copenhagen (1925–30), and designed some fine furniture.


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