Fisker, Kay Otto

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Fisker, Kay Otto (1893–1965). Danish architect. His inspiration came from Danish vernacular buildings and from German Modernism. He was best known for Aarhus University (with Povl Stegmann and Christian Frederik Møller—1932–45), in which traditional materials (e.g. bricks) and simple forms were used. He had a considerable reputation as a designer of public and private housing, notably the Co-operative Building Society Housing, Borups Allé and Stefansgade, Copenhagen (1918–21); the Voldparken Housing and School, Husum (1945); and many other schemes, including Interbau Housing, Berlin (1956–7). His Modern Danish Architecture (with Francis Rowland Yerbury (1885–1970)—1927) disseminated Danish achievements in Britain and America.


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