Walsingham, Alan of

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Walsingham, Alan of (fl. 1314–d. 1364). Sacristan of Ely Cathedral, Cambs., from 1321 during the erection of the exquisite Second Pointed Lady Chapel (1321–49—which, before iconoclastic damage in C16, must have been one of the most stunning Gothic ensembles in England) and the building of the octagon and lantern (1322–42) over the crossing after the Cathedral's central tower collapsed (1322). It would appear that the genesis of the design of the octagon came from him, and the works were carried out by the Ely masons John the Mason (Cementarius—fl. 1322–6) and John atte Grene (fl. 1334–d. 1350), the timber superstructure (1334–50) being by William Hurle(y).


J. Harvey (1987)

Alan of Walsingham

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Alan of Walsingham (fl. C14). See Walsingham, Alan of.