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Lee, Richard (fl. 1525–35). English master-on, probably the son of John Lee. He designed the tomb of Fisher, Bishop of Rochester, intended for St John's College Chapel, Cambridge, but now destroyed. It had early Renaissance features, like those of Bishop West's Chantry Chapel, Ely Cathedral. He was therefore among the first to use Renaissance motifs in England.


J. Harvey (1987)

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Richard Lee, 1613?–1664, American colonist, founder of the Lee family of Virginia. A member of the Coton branch of the Lees of Shropshire, England, he immigrated (c.1642) to Virginia, settling first in York co. and later in Northumberland co. A tobacco planter, Lee became wealthy and was an important figure in Virginia, being at various times justice, burgess, member of the council, attorney general, and secretary of state.