Otto I

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Otto I (the Great) (912–73) King of the Germans (936–73) and Holy Roman Emperor (962–73). Otto succeeded his father, Henry I, in Germany and defeated the rebellious princes and their ally, Louis IV of France. Royal power was further augmented by his close control of the Church. In 955, he crushed the Magyars at Lechfeld. He invaded Italy to aid Queen Adelaide of Lombardy, married Adelaide and became king of Lombardy. In 962, he was crowned as Roman Emperor (the ‘Holy’, meaning ‘Christian’, was added later).

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Otto I, 1848–1916, king of Bavaria (1886–1913). Although incurably insane after 1872, he succeeded his brother King Louis II under the regency of his uncle Luitpold (1886–1912) and Luitpold's son Louis (1912–13). In 1913, Otto was deposed by an act of parliament, and the regent became king as Louis III.