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Pippin ★★★ 1981

Video version of the stage musical about the adolescent son of Charlemagne finding true love. Adequate record of Bob Fosse's Broadway smash. Features Vereen recreating his original Tony Award-winning role. 120m/C VHS, DVD . Ben Vereen, William Katt, Martha Raye, Chita Rivera, Leslie Denniston, Benjamin Rayson; D: David Sheehan; W: Roger O. Hirson; M: Stephen Schwartz. TV


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pip·pin / ˈpipin/ • n. a red and yellow dessert apple. ∎  an apple grown from seed. ∎ inf. an excellent person or thing.


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pippin (dial.) seed of certain fruits, pip XIII; variety of apple XV. ME. pepin, pipin — OF. pepin (mod. pépin), rel. to synon. Sp. pepita. It. pippolo, pipporo; of obscure orig.