Pippi Goes on Board

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Pippi Goes on Board ★★½ 1969 (G)

The fourth and last film in the Swedish series finds Pippi's father arriving one day to take her sailing to Taka-Kuka, his island kingdom. She can't bear to leave her friends and jumps off the ship to return home. The series is poorly dubbed and technically flawed, which the kids probably won't notice. Based on the books by Astrid Lindgren. Preceded by “Pippi Longstocking,” “Pippi in the South Seas,” and “Pippi on the Run.” 83m/C VHS, DVD . SW Maria Persson, Par Sundberg, Margot Trooger, Hans Clarin, Inger Nilsson; D: Olle Hellbom; W: Astrid Lindgren; C: Kalle Bergholm; M: Christian Bruhn.