Charlotte Corday

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Charlotte Corday (Marie Anne Charlotte Corday d'Armont) (märē´ än shärlôt´ kōrdā´ därmôN´), 1768–93, assassin of Jean Paul Marat. Although of aristocratic background, she sympathized with the Girondists in the French Revolution and felt that Marat, in his persecution of the Girondists, was acting as the evil genius of France. She resolved to emulate the action of Brutus and destroy the "tyrant." Leaving her native Normandy for Paris, she gained an audience with Marat by promising to betray the Girondists of Caen and stabbed him (July 13, 1793) in his bath. She was guillotined.

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Corday, Charlotte (1768–93), French political assassin. She became involved with the Girondists and in 1793 assassinated the revolutionary leader Jean Paul Marat in his bath; she was found guilty of treason and guillotined four days later.