Charlotte Sometimes

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Charlotte Sometimes ★★½ 2002 (R)

Michael manages his Aunt Margie's (Hoshi) duplex and runs the family auto repair business. He has a crush on tenant Lori (Yuan), who has a boyfriend, Justin (Westmore), although she frequently turns to the diffident Michael for friendly companionship. Then Michael meets the mysterious Darcy (Kim) at the local bar. She is sexually agressive, while insisting that she's only in town for a few days. But Darcy seems overly interested in the relationship between Michael and Lori and it turns out the two women have a history than neither wants Michael to discover. 85m/C VHS, DVD . Michael Idemoto, Jacqueline Kim, Eugenia Yuan, Matt Westmore, Shizuko Ho-shi, Kimberly Rose; D: Eric Byler; W: Eric Byler; C: Robert Humphreys; M: Michael Brook.

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Charlotte Sometimes

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