Thomas Percy earl of Worcester

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Worcester, Thomas Percy, 1st earl of (c.1344–1403). The younger brother of the 1st earl of Northumberland, Percy had a distinguished career in the French war from 1369 to 1388, interrupted by service on the Scottish border, at sea, and in John of Gaunt's expedition to Spain. From 1390 he held office in Richard II's household and was rewarded with the title of earl and a share of the spoils for his part in the destruction of the king's enemies. In 1399, however, he abandoned Richard in favour of Henry IV and served as admiral, ambassador, and lieutenant in south Wales; for a while he was apparently Henry's principal noble councillor. As the Beauforts and Nevilles gained royal favour, Percy influence was threatened, and this helped to explain why Worcester joined Henry Percy's rebellion: as in 1399, his first loyalty was to his family. He was beheaded after the battle of Shrewsbury.

R. L. Storey