Northumberland, Thomas Percy, 7th earl of

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Northumberland, Thomas Percy, 7th earl of (1528–72). Percy's uncle, the 6th earl of Northumberland, died in June 1537 at the age of 35, it was said of grief at the execution of Anne Boleyn; his father Sir Thomas Percy died the same month, executed for his part in the Pilgrimage of Grace. Thomas Percy was restored in blood in 1549, and in 1557, after helping to suppress a rising in the north, was created earl of Northumberland by Mary. He was made warden of the east march in 1558 and given the Garter in 1563. But in 1569 he joined with the earl of Westmorland in the rising of the northern earls, which captured Durham and celebrated mass in the cathedral. On the collapse of the rebellion, he fled to Scotland but was handed back and beheaded at York in 1572.

J. A. Cannon

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Thomas Percy 7th earl of Northumberland

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