Dorset, Henry Grey, 3rd marquis of, duke of Suffolk

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Dorset, Henry Grey, 3rd marquis of, duke of Suffolk (1517–54). Dorset succeeded his father at the age of 13, and was lord high constable at the coronation of Edward VI and a knight of the Garter. In 1551 he was made duke of Suffolk. His second wife was the eldest daughter of Mary Tudor by Charles Brandon, duke of Suffolk, and he was the father of Lady Jane Grey. A zealous protestant, he became a close ally of the duke of Northumberland. He declared his daughter queen on the death of Edward, recanted, and was lucky to save his life. But the following year he was implicated in Wyatt's rising against Mary's Spanish marriage, was discovered hiding in a hollow tree on one of his Warwickshire estates, and executed. His widow married a ginger-haired groom sixteen years her junior soon after the duke's execution.

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