Arnold Joost van Keppel 1st earl of Albemarle

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Keppel, Arnold Joost van, 1st earl of Albemarle (c.1670–1718). Dutch confidant of William III. Born in Holland, Keppel attended William of Orange to England in 1688 as a page of honour. He rose quickly in the king's favour, and was appointed groom of the bedchamber in 1691 and master of the robes in 1695. He spent much time with the king on state business, and also accompanied him on campaign. With Keppel's youthful, slightly effeminate good looks and charm, gossips inevitably spoke of an improper relationship, while in parliamentary opinion he (together with Portland) was regarded as a sinister Dutch influence on the king. Notwithstanding, William lavished handsome gifts upon him including, in 1697, an earldom and the rank of major-general. After the king's death in 1702 he returned to Holland and was a commander of the Dutch forces in the allied campaigns against Louis XIV.

Andrew Hanham

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