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morn·ing / ˈmôrning/ • n. the period of time between midnight and noon, esp. from sunrise to noon: I toiled in the fields from morning till night it was a little after eight in the morning. ∎  this time on a particular day, characterized by a specified type of activity or particular weather conditions: it was a beautiful sunny morning. ∎  sunrise: a hint of steely light showed that morning was on its way.• adv. (mornings) inf. every morning: mornings, she'd sleep late.• interj. inf. short for good morning.PHRASES: morning, noon, and night all the time.


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morning the morning after (the night before) humorous expression for the morning after an evening of drinking, when one has a hangover.
morning dreams come true proverbial saying, mid 16th century, recording a traditional superstition. (Classical belief distinguished between false dreams, which pass through the ivory gate, and true dreams, which pass through the gate of horn.) Moschus, the Greek pastoral poet of the 2nd century bc, has in Europa, ‘at the third watch of the night, when dawn is near…and when the flock of true dreams is out grazing’, and the Roman poet Horace (65–8 bc) has in his Satires, ‘he appeared to me after midnight, when dreams are true.’
morning star a planet, especially Venus, when visible in the east before sunrise; figuratively, someone or something regarded as the precursor of a new era. The term is particularly applied to Christ, after Revelation 22:16.

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