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Counseling in the public health setting can be a challenging, frustrating, and rewarding process: challenging because it requires the use of skills such as assessment, treatment planning, counseling methodology, and referral; frustrating due to high caseloads and increased paperwork due to managed care and low client motivation; and rewarding when a counselor sees individuals regain control of their lives. A knowledge of mental illness and of chemical dependency treatment and recovery issues will enhance a counselor's ability to improve people's lives and their communities. Motivating others to change is a noble task but can only be effective with the proper skills and training.

Redgi E. Price

(see also: Access to Health Services; Behavioral Change; Managed Care; Mental Health; Social Work; Substance Abuse, Definition of )


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counselling (kown-sĕl-ing) n. a method of approaching psychological difficulties in adjustment that aims to help the client work out his own problems.

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