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palindromicaerodynamic, balsamic, ceramic, cryptogamic, cycloramic, dynamic, hydrodynamic, Islamic, panoramic, psychodynamic, thermodynamic •Kalmyk, ophthalmic •chasmic, cytoplasmic, ectoplasmic, miasmic, orgasmic, phantasmic •karmic, psalmic •academic, alchemic, endemic, epidemic, pandemic, polemic, totemic •anaemic (US anemic), epistemic, systemic •bulimic, gimmick, metronymic, mimic, pantomimic, patronymic •filmic •eurhythmic, logarithmic, rhythmic •cataclysmic • seismic •agronomic, astronomic, atomic, comic, economic, ergonomic, gastronomic, metronomic, palindromic, physiognomic, subatomic, taxonomic, tragicomic •cosmic, macrocosmic, microcosmic •gnomic, monochromic, ohmic, photochromic •humic •hypodermic, taxidermic, thermic

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palindromic Describing a section of double-stranded DNA in which the sequence of bases on one strand is inverted and repeated on the other. Thus the following sequence is palindromic: —ACTTGCAAGT——TGAACGTTCA—

Palindromic sequences are common in DNA and are the sites at which the DNA is cleaved by restriction enzymes.

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palindromic (pal-in-drom-ik) adj. relapsing: describing diseases or symptoms that recur or get worse.

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