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infra- pref. repr. L. infrā adv. and prep. below, underneath, found occas. in comps. in late and medL., e.g. infrāforeānus situated beneath the forum, infrāmūrānus lying within the walls, on the model of which are made formations such as infra-axillary below the axilla, inframammary below the breasts; it is extended to denotation of a condition, as in infrabestial below (that of) the beasts; it is attrib. or adverbial in infraposition, etc.; infralapsarian (theol.) pert. to the view that God's election of some was consequent to his prescience of the Fall of Man. XVIII. f. L. lapsus fall, LAPSE. infra-red, applied to the rays that lie beyond the red end of the spectrum. XIX.

views updated

infra- • prefix below: infrared infrasonic. ∎ Anat. below or under a part of the body: infrarenal.

views updated

infra- prefix denoting below.

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