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flash·back / ˈflashˌbak/ • n. a scene in a movie, novel, etc., set in a time earlier than the main story: in a series of flashbacks, we follow the pair through their teenage years. ∎  a sudden and disturbing vivid memory of an event in the past, typically as the result of psychological trauma or taking LSD.

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Flashback ★★★ 1989 (R)

FBI agent Sutherland's assignment sounds easy: escort aging 1960s radical Hopper to prison. But Hopper is cunning and decides not to go without a fight. He uses his brain to outwit the young Sutherland and to turn him against himself. Good moments between the two leads and with Kane, as a woman who never left the '60s behind. 108m/C VHS . Dennis Hopper, Kiefer Sutherland, Carol Kane, Cliff DeYoung, Paul Dooley, Michael McKean, Richard Masur; D: Franco Amurri; M: Barry Goldberg.

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flashback (flash-bak) n.
1. vivid involuntary reliving of the perceptual abnormalities experienced during a previous episode of drug intoxication (most commonly with LSD), including hallucinations and derealization.

2. the reliving of a traumatic experience that occurs as a symptom of post-traumatic stress disorder.