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areolaareola, rubeola •Viola •dueller (US dueler), jeweller (US jeweler) •babbler, dabbler, parabola •labeller (US labeler) •dribbler, nibbler, quibbler, scribbler •libeller (US libeler) •hobbler, nobbler, squabbler, wobbler •bubbler •fumbler, mumbler, rumbler •burbler, hyperbola •bachelor •paddler, straddler •mandala • panhandler • meddler •ladler • wheedler •diddler, piddler, riddler, tiddler, twiddler •coddler, modeller (US modeler), toddler, twaddler, waddler •fondler, gondola •yodeller (US yodeler) •doodler •muddler, puddler •hurdler • waffler •shuffler, snuffler •haggler, straggler •mangler, wangler •finagler •giggler, wiggler, wriggler •smuggler, struggler •pergola • heckler •Agricola, Nicola, pickler, tickler, tricolour (US tricolor) •chronicler •snorkeller (US snorkeler) •chuckler •enameller (US enameler) •signaller (US signaler) •tunneller (US tunneler) •grappler • stapler •stippler, tippler •Coppola •gospeller (US gospeler) •cupola •caroller (US caroler) •Kerala •quarreller (US quarreler) •chancellor •penciller (US penciler) •whistler •battler, prattler, rattler, tattler •dismantler • startler •fettler, settler, settlor •belittler, victualler (US victualer) •hospitaller (US hospitaler) •bottler, throttler •hosteller (US hosteler) •caviller (US caviler), traveller (US traveler) •marveller (US marveler) •leveller (US leveler), reveller (US reveler) •driveller (US driveler), sniveller (US sniveler) •groveller (US groveler) •shoveler, shoveller •chiseller (US chiseler), sizzler •bamboozler, methuselah •guzzler

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a·re·o·la / əˈrēələ/ • n. (pl. -lae / -ˌlē/ ) Anat. a small circular area, in particular the ring of pigmented skin surrounding a nipple. ∎  Biol. any of the small spaces between the veins on a leaf or the nervures on an insect's wing. ∎ Med. a reddened patch around a spot or papule. DERIVATIVES: a·re·o·lar adj. a·re·o·late / -lit; -ˌlāt/ adj.

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areola (ă-ree-ŏlă) n.
1. the brownish or pink ring of tissue surrounding the nipple of the breast.

2. the part of the iris that surrounds the pupil of the eye.

3. a small space in a tissue.
areolar (ă-ree-ŏler) adj.

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