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a·re·o·la / əˈrēələ/ • n. (pl. -lae / -ˌlē/ ) Anat. a small circular area, in particular the ring of pigmented skin surrounding a nipple. ∎  Biol. any of the small spaces between the veins on a leaf or the nervures on an insect's wing. ∎ Med. a reddened patch around a spot or papule.DERIVATIVES: a·re·o·lar adj.a·re·o·late / -lit; -ˌlāt/ adj.


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areola (ă-ree-ŏlă) n.
1. the brownish or pink ring of tissue surrounding the nipple of the breast.

2. the part of the iris that surrounds the pupil of the eye.

3. a small space in a tissue.
areolar (ă-ree-ŏler) adj.