Max, Peter (1937—)

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Max, Peter (1937—)

American artist Peter Max's work visually captured the flavor of the 1960s and hippie culture with its cartoon-like, brightly colored, psychedelic images inspired by Art Nouveau, pop art, Op art, and other styles. His style had a pronounced effect on subsequent graphic art. Max's popularity exploded in the late 1960s with a wide line of products—from clothing to shower curtains—showcasing his mod designs that included stars, flowers, rainbows, birds, butterflies, and human figures. Max's poster designs were hotly pursued by admirers, leading to a million-dollar industry by the turn of the decade and turning the artist into a cultural hero. His career buzzed along well into the 1990s, as he designed an MTV logo, a poster for Bill Clinton's presidential inauguration, and murals for the 1992 World's Fair, in addition to creating posters for the Super Bowl and World Cup in 1994.

—Geri Speace

Further Reading:

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