In Living Color

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In Living Color

Airing on Fox Television from 1990-1994, the series In Living Color was the first sketch comedy to feature a majority African American cast. Keenan Ivory Wayans was the creative force behind the show, which included his brother, Damon Wayans, and a smattering of other comic actors such as David Alan Grier, Tommy Davidson, Chris Rock, and Jim Carrey. In Living Color brought to the screen lasting characters like Homey the Clown, gay film critics Blaine and Antoine in "Men on Film" (with their ratings system of "two snaps up"), and the oblivious Fire Marshal Bill, in addition to a troupe of well-choreographed female dancers ("Fly Girls") that appeared after skits. Though the show was sometimes criticized for its stereotypes and objectionable material, it was nevertheless respected for being the first to address urban themes in such a context.

—Geri Speace

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