In Love and War 2001

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In Love and War ★★½ 2001

British commando Eric Newby (Blue) is captured by the Italian army in 1942 and held as a POW until the Italian Armistice in 1943. He is released just before the advancing German forces and is rescued by a group of anti-fascist farmers, including lovely Wanda (Bobulova). They fall in love but Eric is betrayed and Wanda risks her life to warn him so he can escape. But can he bear to leave her behind? Based on Newby's autobiography “Love and War in the Apennines.” 98m/C VHS, DVD . Callum Blue, Barbara Bobulova, Peter Bowles, Nick Reding, John Warnaby, Toby Jones, Robert Weatherby, Nicholas Gallagher; D: John Kent Harrison; W: John Mortimer; C: Giovanni Fiore Coltellacci; M: Nicola Piovani. TV