In Harm's Way

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In Harm's Way ★★ 1965

Over done story about two naval officers and their response to the Japanese attack at Pearl Harbor. Even the superb cast members (and there are plenty of them) can't overcome the incredible length and overly intricate plot. 165m/B VHS, DVD . John Wayne, Kirk Douglas, Tom Tryon, Patricia Neal, Paula Prentiss, Brandon de Wilde, Burgess Meredith, Stanley Holloway, Henry Fonda, Dana Andrews, Franchot Tone, Jill Haworth, George Kennedy, Carroll O'Connor, Patrick O'Neal, Slim Pickens, Bruce Cabot, Larry Hagman, Hugh O'Brian, Jim Mitchum, Barbara Bouchet, Stewart Moss, Tod Andrews; D: Otto Preminger; W: Wendell Mayes; C: Loyal Griggs; M: Jerry Goldsmith. British Acad. ‘65: Actress (Neal).