Hollywood Squares

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Hollywood Squares

One of television's most popular game shows during its 15 year run from 1966 to 1981, Hollywood Squares combined high camp, humor, and a modicum of intellect to become an audience favorite. As described in Entertainment Weekly's "The Best Game Shows of All Time," "Nine celebs sat inside a three-story ticktacktoe board and parried questions with wacky ad-libs (which turned out to be scripted)." Hosted by the good-natured Peter Marshall, the squares were occupied by A-and B-list stars from film, television, and music. The center square, however, was the hub of the show. First occupied by Ernest Borgnine, the center square came to be the domain of the acerbically witty and very camp Paul Lynde, and was later taken over by the inimitable Joan Rivers. A hip new Hollywood Squares debuted in 1998 with Whoopi Goldberg in the coveted center square, proving that pop culture always has a place for amiable schlock.

—Victoria Price

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