Hollywood Homicide

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Hollywood Homicide ★★ 2003 (PG-13)

In 2003, director Shelton released the hard-edged corrupt cop film “Dark Blue.” And then this buddy cop comedy. The first works, this doesn't (much), although the premise had possibilities. Veteran L.A. homicide detective Joe Gavilan (Ford) has three ex-wives, a couple of kids he never sees, money troubles thanks to his off-duty job peddling real estate, and an Internal Affairs investigator (Greenwood) dogging him. His dewy partner, K.C. Calden (Hartnett) isn't sure he even wants to be a detective—he'd rather be an actor. Meanwhile, he moonlights as a yoga instructor. Their on-and-off duty jobs collide as they investigate multiple homicides at a rap club. Ford's relaxed and grumpy; Hartnett's naive and cute but they don't have much rapport and the story's generally weak. 111m/C VHS, DVD . US Harrison Ford, Josh Hartnett, Lena Olin, Master P, Bruce Greenwood, Keith David, Isaiah Washington IV, Lolita (David) Davidovich, Martin Landau, Dwight Yoakam, Kurupt, Lou Diamond Phillips, Gladys Knight, Meredith Scott Lynn, James Mac-Donald, Clyde Kusatsu, Frank Sinatra Jr., Smokey Robinson, Robert Wagner; Cameos: Eric Idle; D: Ron Shelton; W: Ron Shelton, Robert Souza; C: Barry Peterson; M: Alex Wurman.