Speckle-Wing Quill

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Speckle-Wing Quill

Family: Baetidae

Genus: Callibaetis

Life Cycle: incomplete

Three Life Stages: egg, nymph, adult cycle which includes 2 phases: dun and spinner

Emergence: April-October

Swimmer Mayfly Group


Body Description

Antennae: two long antennae

Abdomen: 10 segments

Wings: wing pads

Gills: top and sides of abdomen

Tails: three of equal length

Legs: 6 with one sharp claw on each

Body Colors: mottled brown-tannish olive

Mobility: very agile, crawl about weed beds in short bursts of speed when hatching

Size: 6-12mm

Hook Size: 12-16

Found in still and slow-moving weedy waters.


Body Description

Wings: 2 sets, highly mottled wings are semi-transparent, small hind wings

Tails: 2

Legs: 6

Body Colors: top is brownish olive to gray; bottom, light tan to olive

Mobility: after emergence quickly flies off to streamside foliage

Size: 6-12mm

Hook Size: 12-18


Body Description

Wings: 2 sets including small hind wings (plastic like), clear, less mottled than dun

Eyes: small

Tails: 2

Legs: 6

Body Colors: top, gray or brown; bottom, light shade of top color

Size: 6-12mm

Hook Size: 12-18 (14-16 most Common)

Males die shortly after mating, females wait for about 5 days before laying eggs, then die.