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Coquette ★★½ 1929

Pickford's first talkie portrays her as a flirtatious flapper from a welltodo family who falls in love with a poor man her father despises. So much in fact that daddy kills the young man and then commits suicide, leaving his daughter to face the world alone. Pickford and Brown get to share a melodramatic death scene and audiences flocked to hear “America's Sweetheart” speak onscreen. Based on a play by George Abbott and Anne Preston. 75m/B VHS . Mary Pickford, Johnny Mack Brown, Matt Moore, John St. Polis, Henry Kolker, George Irving, Louise Beavers, William Janney; D: Sam Taylor; C: Karl Struss. Oscars '29: Actress (Pickford).


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co·quette / kōˈket/ • n. a woman who flirts.DERIVATIVES: co·quet·tish·quet·tish·ly·quet·tish·ness n.


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coquette XVII. — F., fem. of coquet gallant, amorously forward, f. coqueter flirt, prop. strut like a cock before hens, f. coq COCK 1.