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fan·dan·go / fanˈdang/ • n. (pl. -goes or -gos) 1. a lively Spanish dance for two people, typically accompanied by castanets or tambourine.2. a foolish or useless act or thing: the Washington inaugural fandango.


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Fandango ★★½ 1985 (PG)

Five college friends take a wild weekend drive across the Texas Badlands for one last fling before graduation and the prospect of military service. Expanded by Reynolds with assistance from Steven Spielberg, from his student film. Provides a look at college and life during the Vietnam crisis. 91m/C VHS, DVD . Judd Nelson, Kevin Costner, Sam Robards, Chuck Bush, Brian Cesak, Elizabeth (E.G. Dailey) Daily, Suzy Amis, Glenne Headly, Pepe Serna, Marvin J. McIntyre; D: Kevin Reynolds; W: Kevin Reynolds; M: Alan Silvestri.


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fandango. A lively Sp. dance believed to be of S. Amer. origin. It is in simple triple or compound duple time, and of ever-increasing speed, with sudden stops during which the performers (a single couple) remain motionless, and with intervals during which they sing. Acc. is normally by guitar or castanets. There is a fandango in Mozart's Figaro.


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fandango lively Sp. dance. XVIII. — Sp., of unkn. orig.